For a live cash bid, please call Nick Bork at (605)-595-8055

Idlenot Farms partners with Professional Ag Marketing in Luverne, MN to provide a corn bid during market hours. Corn is priced delivered to Idlenot Farm's Feedmill at 1940 110th Street Larchwood, IA 51241.  Normal dumping hours are weekdays 7:30 am to 5:00pm.  

Current Corn Contracts

  • Forward Contracting – lock in deferred cash corn price
  • Hedge to Arrive Contract – lock in futures price with basis open.  Fee 5₵/bushel
  • Basis Contract – lock in basis with futures open. 
  • Delayed Price Contract (New Crop) – 7₵ first 30 days. 5₵ per month thereafter prorated on a daily basis.  Must be priced by 8/30/21.  Maximum service fee of 30₵.
  • Extended Price Contract - sell at current cash price, receive a $3.25/bu cash advance, and a long Jul 22' futures position.  No fee.  5000 bu increments

ATTENTION TO PRODUCERS:  This person purchasing this grain is not a licensed grain dealer and this is not a covered transaction eligible for indemnification from the grain dealers and sellers indemnity fun as provided in Iowa Code section 203D.3.  Idlenot Farms GP is exempted from licensing as a grain producer that buys grain for its own use as feed.  More Info

Professional Ag Marketing Inc
904 S Kniss Ave Luverne, MN 56156
Office: 507-449-2030

Nick Bork


Jeff Hoogendoorn