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With our years of experience in hog production we can work with you and your contractor to design a building that we can both be happy with for years to come.

Feed Consumption

Using Automated Production's Feedlink, we can remotely monitor feed, water, and temperature in hog barns.  This system eliminates the human component from ordering feed, allowing us to schedule loads directly from the feedmill.  It also gives the caretaker useful tools in managing the barn which can be accessed from a computer or smartphone.

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All of our pigs are fed locally

​Idlenot Farms utilizes custom feeding agreements to grow out the majority of our hogs.  We provide the feed, vet services, management, and transportation.  The custom feeder provides the facility and labor.  The custom feeder receives a monthly payment for the use of the facilities and the manure from the pits for use as fertilizer.  We strive to provide an individual yet professional relationship when working with our custom feeders.

Idlenot Farms Pork Production:

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